The Solutions We Offer Provide You with the Technological Edge to Outperform Your Competitors

At Virsefy, we build solutions to equip our clients with the tools they need to outperform competitors, increase market share, and enhance enterprise value through improved efficiency and top-line growth.

Begin Your AI Journey with a General AI Audit

Uncertain where to start or aiming to maximize potential? Our General AI Audit provides a comprehensive assessment of your current operations, offering detailed insights into how AI will transform your industry, market and business over the next 12-24 months. This includes risk analysis, potential opportunities, and a blueprint for tailored digital assistants.

  • Clear Roadmap and Blueprint
  • Identify Opportunities
  • Identify Risks
  • Data Driven and tailored to your business, market and industry
Blueprint Map

What is a Digital Assistant

Living in the cloud, our digital assistants work tirelessly to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence—only faster and more reliably.
They enhance three key business areas: data collection, data analysis, and data interpretation.

Step 1:   Data Collection

We search and scrap the web and collect the findings of the needed data for the task, ensuring comprehensive, realtime and accurate information.

Data Collection

Step 2:   Data Analysis

We analyze the data ocean from step 1 of client given or task required parameters and criterias. Like picking the good or bad apples.

Data Analysis

Step 3:   Data Interpretation

We take the validated and qualified data from step 2 and use it to perform the task or workflow (Creating Messages, Reports, Graphs, etc.)

Data Interpretation

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Client Use Cases:

Business Development Assistant

Business Development Assistant

Streamlines connections between ideal customer profiles (ICPs) and your business, ensuring organic, personalized, and scalable interactions.

Data Collection

Collect customer data of the target audience.

Data Analysis

Analyze which data collection is most fitting.

Personalized Messaging

Message prospects through AI-driven personalized communication.


Connects ICPs with your company in a reliable, organic, personalized, and scalable way.

Deal Flow Assistant

Deal Flow Assistant

Accelerates capital raising for startups by efficiently securing term sheets and facilitating investment rounds through targeted investor engagement.

Investor Data Collection

Collect data from databases and the internet on fitting investors.

Investor Analysis

Analyze investment portfolio and history to identify the best matches.

Personalized Outreach

Send personalized messages to potential investors via LinkedIn and email.


Fastest way for startups to collect a term sheet and raise a round.

Writer Assistant

Writer Assistant

Efficiently crafts high-quality, SEO-optimized blog posts by leveraging advanced content analysis and niche-specific data scraping.

Content Scraping

Scrape blog posts on specific niches from sites like Yahoo News.

Content Analysis

Analyze relevancy and performance of the content.

SEO-Effective Blogging

Generate SEO-effective blog posts, combining scraped content with client-specific details.


Generate great and relevant blog posts in the most efficient way.

Social Media Assistant

Social Media Assistant

Dominates niche markets on social platforms through strategic, automated interactions that promote value and brand visibility.

Content Scraping

Scrape Reddit niche posts every minute.

Content Analysis

Analyze the most relevant and best performing posts.

Automated Commenting

Comment on posts using a knowledge base and subtly promote client's company.


Own a niche through value-driven but automated commenting.

Real Estate Assistant

Real Estate Assistant

Provides real-time, comprehensive overviews and direct messaging to optimize real estate deal flows and client engagement in specific markets.

Data Scraping

Scrape listings from leading real estate webpages every minute.

Data Analysis

Analyze listings to determine fit.

Messaging and Reporting

Contact sellers or create reports for client's review.


Fastest messaging or best overview of real estate deals in client's area.

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Advantages of Digital Assistants

We build custom webapps, as managing screen for digital assistants or as standalone webapp for specific Workflows like ROI calculator.

Task Automation

Effortlessly automate tasks, to operate faster and more efficiently than your competition.

Human like Intelligence

Our digital assistants are as intelligent as a human, they can understand, learn, reason, and apply their knowledge to solve the task at hand.

Built for you

Our digital assistants are customized to your workflow and we integrate with over 1000+ software providers like (SAP, Salesforce,etc.).

Custom Cloud Solutions

Our team of experts can build custom cloud-based applications tailored to your unique business needs. Here are a few examples of our work.

Digital Assistant Management

A cloud-based application to manage and monitor digital assistants across your organization.

Monitor Performance

Track key metrics and insights for each digital assistant.

Manage Configurations

Easily update settings and configurations for each assistant.

Streamline Workflows

Integrate the app with your existing tools and processes.

ROI Calculator

A standalone web application to help customers calculate the return on investment for our products.

Customizable Inputs

Allow customers to input their own data and assumptions.

Detailed Reporting

Generate comprehensive reports with visualizations.

Shareable Results

Allow customers to download or share their ROI analysis.