Charity Golf Tour - Supporting Children in Need

At Virsefy, we are committed to making a positive impact in the communities we serve. Our charity initiatives aim to support children in need and provide them with the resources they deserve.

WCG Charity Golf Tour

The WCG Charity Golf Tour is an annual event that brings together golfers from around the world to raise funds for children with cancer and chronic illnesses in the Darmstadt region.

WCG Charity Golf Tour

Virsefy's Involvement

As a Premium Sponsor of the WCG Charity Golf Tour, Virsefy is proud to support this incredible initiative. Our contributions have helped raise significant funds for children in need, providing them with access to vital medical care, educational resources, and support services.

The Impact

Through our collective efforts, the WCG Charity Golf Tour has raised over one hundred thousand euros for children's hospitals, research initiatives, and support programs in the Darmstadt region. These funds have made a tangible difference in the lives of countless children and their families, providing them with hope and support during their most challenging times.


Get Involved

Whether you wish to donate, or even better play Golf under the Virsefy Flag to raise Money for a good cause(have to be invited, limited capacity, vendors, and clients come first).